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Strong and Courageous

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Rocksteady Activewear is here to help shoppers like you find clothing they love without compromising on quality. We carefully select each piece in our collections, making sure that it meets our high standards. Our clothing feels exceptional because it is: expertly crafted to fit well, last long and look great. Shop today and experience it yourself.


About Us

Rocksteady Activewear was inspired by Steadman "Rocksteady" Mathis Sr. (The Benchpress King), because of  his 30 years as a powerlifting champion.  Our mission is to encourage and motivate everyone, no matter what obstacles you face physcial fitness, to be Strong and Courage.  ntribute to a non-for-profit youth sports program annually.  joining the Rocksteady strong and courageous Activewear team to make a difference too.   Thank you for your support!

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